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Santa's Wisdom

Santa School published a unique Christmas book in October 2013: 'Santa's Wisdom: A Treasure Trove of Hints For Happiness and Wellbeing'.

We hope this book will help promote the true values and messages of Christmas. The book has been written and illustrated by two friends of Santa School - Ian Barr and Rachel Speedie, who live and work here in Dumfries and Galloway.

Click on the attached pdf files for a sneak preview of some of the quirky contents of our book in the making:

Elves Postcard from Santa's Wisdom

"Elves Postcard"
(PDF file, 1.4MB)

The Moon from Santa's Wisdom

"The Moon"
(PDF file, 1.2MB)

The Northern Lights from Santa's Wisdom

"The Northern Lights"
(PDF file, 1.1MB)

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