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A Christmas Production from Santa School

Santa School is delighted to announce that we have a new Christmas Play

We are all excited that Santa will work with us to plan and deliver Santa Speaks Out, a one man/one Santa Play that provides a wonderful insight into the life, times and attitudes of Father Christmas.

Funny, uplifting and thought-provoking, Santa Speaks Out will promote the true message of Christmas.

Santa Speaks Out: A Short Christmas Production

This Christmas, you can depend once more on one person: Santa.

Father Christmas will deliver yuletide magic yet again, as he has done, consistently and selflessly, down through the decades and centuries.

His stardust will grace families, the rich and poor, the young and the old across the world.

But this Christmas, Santa himself, the man, is speaking out, to help people rediscover the true spirit and values of the Festive Season.

Quietly, effectively, mesmerisingly, Santa will enter the limelight, and be heard ...

Santa Speaks Out is a 30 minute Santa School Christmas Production.  It features the autobiography of Santa, spoken in his own voice, and his words of wisdom, learned from his life well lived in Lapland.

Find out why Santa loves Simon and Garfunkel, and grieves for the loss of Woolworths. Find out too what he has to say about his childhood, greed at Christmas, and his Scottish cousin.

Santa Speaks Out is a charming, uplifting Christmas show, for all the family (but not for children under 10).

It is perfect for department stores, visitor attractions, Christmas fairs, bookshops and large gift shops for Christmas themed evenings and sales promotions.

To book the Show contact Ian@santaschool.co.uk.

Click on the pdf file below for a sneak preview of Santa Speaks Out:

Excerpt from Santa Speaks Out

Santa Speaks Out
(PDF file, 108kb)


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